Everyone saying, good quality perforated aluminum panels can make the building express with art, they can make the structure obtain semi-private effect and security; also they can make the space remains breathable, creating a wonderful light and shadow effect.Combined with other materials, different textures make building facade to obtain rich artistic changes. Traditional aesthetics combined with modern materials, good quality perforated aluminum panels creating layered on top of each other a continuous rise and falling green mountain scenery.

Building perforated aluminum sheet mainly used in building exterior wall with purpose of decoration, ventilated, long life using, they can be same service time as that of with the building self. The important, these aluminum sheets can be fast and very convenient to installation and firmly fixed to the wall surface. Sometimes we called these sheets with aluminum wall cladding, aluminum exterior wall facade panels and so on.

Decorative perforated metal can be with sheets, panels, boards and so on. One is certain, most of them are custom made according different design in the decorations surroundings, that’s one art in modern decorations trends.

Perforated aluminum panel, this is one kind of traditional and simple aluminium wall decoration panels. At the beginning, the original function is with the ventilated, lightweight and fast construction characters, they become the most popular wall cladding panels, like as in stadium and library building, museum, government building, hospital building, restaurant exterior wall decoration and so on